Thursday, November 26, 2009


Well sorry for the long delay,but Plumas fell over in a torrent of rain(28in in 24 hrs) it was between the hurricane poles but the rain and mud was to much.

She is now painted and the small damage to her wood has been repaired an we have decided to sell her,we will know if that happens around the 5th of dec.

We did not even think when we had her painted,but it looks identical to julia max right down to the sail covers,well they both look great!

Will post when we know more.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

off to the nw

Well it has been fun but we are leaving arkansas an heading home to the nw.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

done for the summer

Well to those who have been reading our blog I must say we are going to be gone for the summer as we have decided we need some things for the boat,like a water maker an Carol wants a sat tv,so it`s off to work We go.

Laid Plumas up at marina seca at san carlos between the hurricane polls,sure was hard getting on the bus,but we will be back.

The bus trip was like no other I had ever taken many stops milatary check point where you had to get out whille they went thru everybodys bag an searched the bus,then on to the border that took three hours to get thru it all in all took thirteen hours from guaymas to phoenix.

Ok all have a great summer an will try an put more in next time.

Dick and Carol

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a nice week!

Well here we are back in La Paz after a week away. Had not planned to return, but went to dentist before we left and now I have dental appointments. Need crown replaced. Getting new crown an two bonding`s for $330. Try that in the U. S.
Motored sailed out to Esprito Santos island. Anchored in a cove called Candelero. Has a reef that is great for snorkeling. Like being in an aquarium. Fiddler crabs, needle fish, sgt. majors (another kind of fish) and all those colorful fish you see in a salt water aquarium. Buddy boated with another sailboat named Mandalay. Drinks every night and pot lucked one or two nights. So nice when you can share the sights and pleasures with others. Sure wish family and stateside friends could share with us.

my friend Larry mentioned I have been remiss in posting pic`s,well ok Larry here is Plumas at anchor,the best I can do!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes it is done all these weeks of working and talking of working on the decks and repainting the cabin top are done! To the folks who wrote the articles of the time it takes to remove teak decks...................un printable.

We finished the last of the painting just a few minutes ago and I wanted to get it on here today,will have pics of it tomorrow after we clean up the remaining mess that some how creates itself ?

During this time, we did visit with friends, have a few drinks and laugh. All cruisers have a story or three to tell. Lets you know you are not the only ones to go through such trials and tribulations. Also enjoy watching the sea birds, and other sea life, sunsets, sunrises etc. Picture of the full moon does not do justice to what we saw in person. It was so beautiful.

Now we are within a week or two at the most of leaving la paz and have decided at this late date we are going to meander north to partida then isla san francisco and other points that we are not sure of,but with luck no place will be more then 20 miles apart till we go across to san carlos to have her hauled and stored for the summer.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Hi All

well just a little longer an we will have paint on an write a good long bunch of babel! an have pics,till then patience.


Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hi All

Well sorry for the long delay,but with nothing happening we just have not been able to add anything .

I had to cut out a section of the foredeck and go thru the long process of letting mother nature dry out the core of the deck an as odd as it might sound the wettest was the foredeck an it is the highest? strange but true,so with over a week I got the moisture down to 12 % and then gave it a couple coats of penetrating epoxy then coated both sides really well with the west systems and reset the piece I cut out then piled everything I could find to hold it down.

I hired a local fellow to help me with the filling an fairing an I should of had him way earlier,but you know hind sight,he does not speak English an I don't speak Spanish so yep we do have a small problem there an I thought aw I will use the online translator!,wrong what comes out he nor I can understand ,o well moving along.

Carol Had a really bad time with a pulled ham string,but is getting better,sure glad of that as was worried I might have to put her out of her misery, o wait that`s horse`s.

Am going to post a few pics we have taken showing the joy`s of doing a deck repair an mine thankfully was not one of those you have to cutout,a good thing as you can see the deck is small hardwood scraps from the making of cabinets.

In all we are getting closer to the end? is there really a end,o well weather is nice,food is great an I have Carol so all is OK.

Enjoy the cold winter an we will be thinking of you all!

Dick and Carol